Hello. My name is Chris Stevens. My family and I love the Lord. We want to provide a place of healing for those with Mold Toxin Illness who have to walk away from everything like we did.

Mold Toxin Illness can devastate one’s health and wellness, physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and financially. It can result in multiple chemical sensitivities, food sensitivities, and environmental sensitivities. It can even kill.

Because of modern building practices, thousands – likely millions – of people are suffering from Mold Toxin Illness (many don’t know what’s causing their problems). To add insult to injury, most of their friends, family, and even many healthcare providers are unfamiliar with the problem to the point of disbelief. These victims need help and often have a hard time finding it.

The love of Jesus compels us to love others, and we see a huge need here.

The founders of Sabbatical Ranch have been through it. We understand at least some of what you’re going through. There is help available. Our goal is to help you discover options you may not be aware of.

We think the most useful way to do this is to share our story (which we do throughout these pages) and the help we found along the way. The number one most important thing you must do in order to heal is what the mold-aware community calls avoidance. You must get away from the mold toxins!

Sabbatical: Rest from regular work life for a period of months or years

The day after we left town

Our Story

We went on a mold-avoidance sabbatical after prolonged exposure to mold toxins and numerous remediation attempts. Long story short, we suffered quite a number of symptoms and became hyper-reactive to mold, chemicals, and other toxins that most people can tolerate in small amounts. It also resulted in some food sensitivities and reactions to synthetic additives (this got us interested in growing our own food).

The only way many others have been able to heal from Mold Toxin Illness is by walking away from everything, which we did in May, 2021, and then staying in clear environments for anywhere from a couple months to a couple years to give your body a chance to heal. Many of our symptoms have gone away and our reactiveness has reduced. But we must stay out of water/mold damaged buildings/vehicles, stay physically active, and keep a clean diet.

On our mold-avoidance sabbatical we camped in every state from north to south around the US Rocky Mountains. We thought that would be a clean environment, but we were dogged by wildfire smoke for months (maybe the states should sue California for polluting their air every year;). Finally we went to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. No smoke there, but the level of humidity enables mold growth way too easily. We’ve learned that average annual humidity below 50% is ideal.

Feeling like we had no other choice, we headed for the Arizona desert. We felt great in parts of the high desert! But the Tucson to Phoenix to Yuma valleys were another story. Among other problems, they have something called Valley Fever caused by fungal spores that frequently get blown around.

One place we feel great is in the high desert of the San Pedro River valley, so we bought a piece of property here. We found a piece of clean land without any structures on it! It’s big enough to build mold-avoidance structures, raise animals, and grow food.

Six months into our sabbatical

Help Us Help Others

The goal of Sabbatical Ranch is to become a self-supporting demonstration site by producing not only enough to support our guests but also enough to sell in order to have funds to purchase whatever we can’t produce on site. In the meantime it’s expensive to feed each person a nutrient-dense, chemical-free, healing diet. We ask guests to contribute what they are able.

We accept many types of donations as long as they don’t come from a moldy environment (mycotoxins don’t leach into glass or metal; they can be cleaned). As Christians, we will not take on debt to do this. If it’s the Lord’s will, He will provide. We would greatly appreciate volunteers, expertise, ranch and farm equipment, tools and building material, and funds for infrastructure. Please contact us right away if you would like to help. The need is urgent and we are acting as quickly as possible.

Learn more about moldhealing, and ranch life.

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