Do You Need a Mold-Avoidance Sabbatical?

What is a mold-avoidance sabbatical? How long does it last? What good does it accomplish? Should you come to Sabbatical Ranch? What about remediation? Let’s explore these questions and more. Sick Building Syndrome Mold toxins are a leading cause of sick building syndrome. If you experience frequent headaches; dizziness; nausea; eye, nose or throat irritation; …

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Gardens, Gardens, and More Gardens!

Many the projects we work on here at Sabbatical Ranch are experimental as a demonstration site for the benefit of everyone. We’ve been developing a variety of experimental gardens in the last month or so and I suppose it’s about time I report on them. Here’s the list so far:

– Rain garden
– Hugelkultur
– Critter gardens
– Caliche gardens
– Chicken garden
– Greenhouse garden
– Courtyard food forest
– Chicken jungle
– Sunken garden
– Shady place
– And there are more in the works!

What Is It?

Have you ever played a game where you have to figure out what something is based on a tiny part of a photo? I enjoy those. A surprising photo I recently captured makes for a good guessing game. I progressively zoom out in each picture below to keep you guessing as you read this post. How soon can you figure it out?

Also in this post:
– Cat Attack! Mexican Jaguar?
– Updates on Previous Projects

Is Sabbatical Ranch Worthy of Your Support?

Americans have been some of the most generous people in the world. I’m not talking about the government, I’m talking about the countless, self-sacrificing individuals who have given their time, talent, and treasure to help their fellow man. Innumerable benevolent societies and charitable organizations have been started and supported voluntarily. Countless multitudes have been helped. …

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