Top Expert Explains Toxin Buildup in the Body

Have you ever noticed that people who really know their stuff are able to make complex subjects simple and easy to understand? That's exactly what you'll see in these short videos. Everybody should learn the basics here, and really it should be taught in high school. But the sad reality is that many doctors aren't even informed about this.

Michael R. Gray, M.D., M.P.H, C.I.M.E, is an internationally recognized expert in Clinical Environmental Toxicology and related conditions. It just so happens that Dr. Gray practices Internal Medicine and Toxicology in Benson, AZ, 45 miles from Sabbatical Ranch. 

People are exposed to a wide variety of toxins throughout their lives. Common sources include mold, pathogens, chemicals in food (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, additives, and preservatives), household and personal care products, drugs, VOCs, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, etc. These toxins can accumulate in our bodies and when levels get high enough, things start going seriously haywire. With an overall healthy lifestyle, our bodies will naturally detox on an ongoing basis. But when exposed to high enough levels of toxins, even a healthy body will be overwhelmed.
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In this first video, Dr. Gray explains Hyper-Toxicity and the affect it has on millions of people's health. Are multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, endocrine disruption, alopecia and psoriasis all symptoms (among many others) of hyper-toxicity? Dr. Gray presents clinical information in this short video.
In another short video, Dr. Gray looks at removing toxins from your body by capturing those toxins in the small intestine and removing them through the GI tract. 
Activated charcoal and bentonite clay are two toxin sequestrants or binders he mentions. Another natural binder is chlorella. In addition to those, sufficient dietary fiber (a healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle) is necessary for your body's natural toxin removal through the GI tract to function correctly. Ground flax seed is a recognized toxin binder and one that we benefit from on a regular basis (a couple tablespoons added to a bowl of oatmeal). 

Different binders work better for different toxins. Some binders also bind nutrients, so they shouldn't be taken too close to meals and some should only be taken in short bursts, such as after toxin exposure. Informed doctors can test to find out what toxins need cleared from your body and then prescribe the best binders along with how to use them. But an obvious first step is to stop exposing yourself to the toxins! For mold toxins, stay out of water-damaged buildings and vehicles.

If you understand all of that, you're ready to get a little bit more technical. In a slightly longer video, Dr. Gray explains the importance that Human Leukocyte Antigen markers have in determining your ability to escort toxins out of your body and how testing determines the level of susceptibility in each of us.
There is so much information packed into those short videos that you may want to watch them more than once. I'd love to hear how this information relates to your experience. Please share a comment below.

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