Mold Avoidance

Do You Need a Mold-Avoidance Sabbatical?

What is a mold-avoidance sabbatical? How long does it last? What good does it accomplish? Should you come to Sabbatical Ranch? What about remediation? Let’s explore these questions and more. Sick Building Syndrome Mold toxins are a leading cause of sick building syndrome. If you experience frequent headaches; dizziness; nausea; eye, nose or throat irritation; …

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Hoop House? Caterpillar Tunnel?

What are these things? Need a quick, easy, cheap, mold-free, and surprisingly durable shed or greenhouse? Then you’re going to like this post. In a number of different posts on building I’ve shared some of the problems with conventional buildings that make them prone to mold. For people who have experienced Mold Toxin Illness this …

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Healthy Building: Is It Possible?

As we traveled the country on our year-long sabbatical one of the things we paid close attention to was building options. I also spent months researching to find the best options for Sabbatical Ranch. We loved experiencing the thermal mass properties of adobe-style structures which are popular in the arid southwest. Desert temperatures drop significantly …

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Hands-on Learning: Superadobe/Hyperadobe October Volunteer/Workshop (Free)

How valuable would it be to know how to build your own shelter with the earth beneath your feet? Imagine:
* Relaxing, natural earth finish
* Passive solar heating/cooling
* Mold, sound, and pest resistant
* Non-toxic and EMF shield
* Fireproof
* Bulletproof
* Flood-proof
* Tornado-proof
* Earthquake-proof

Here’s your chance to experience how simple it is! We’re hosting a free volunteer/workshop during the month of October where you will be able to experience the …

The Adventurous Story of Sabbatical Ranch

Most people we talk to about Sabbatical Ranch are very interested in what we’re doing. Whether it’s growing chemical-free, nutrient-dense edibles and medicinals; building superadobe/hyperadobe domes with the earth beneath our feet; low-tech, simple, DIY projects without electricity (we’re off grid – EMFs are a real problem for some people); rainwater harvesting without expensive tanks; …

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