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Over the last month we've had an influx of new subscribers as word is getting out about what we're doing. Unfortunately, after publishing weekly, educational blog posts for almost a year, this is the first update we've provided in a few months. We've just become too busy this summer to stay up on it. But we would love to hear and publish your mold story! See Lee's Story for an example. Part of our mission is to raise public awareness about the dangers of toxic mold.

We have so much to write about, so hopefully we can start posting regularly again soon. But regardless, we're open to guest blog submissions for any of these categories or possibly another:
If you're a subscriber, simply reply to the email address you get updates from. And if you have other ideas or suggestions for us, we'd love to hear from you. Of course you can also use the comment section below.

We're making steady progress on all the projects we've been working on to turn this little piece of desert called Sabbatical Ranch into an oasis and blessing for others. We thank you for your support and welcome everyone's participation. To God be the glory!

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