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Local Food Security

Do you know how fast your local grocery store would run out of food if trucking stopped for some reason? Three days in the average American city. Combine this with the fact that most Americans have been priced out of chemical-free, nutrient-rich food and we have a "real food" problem! 

Many years ago this wasn't a problem. Most people grew gardens that supplied a lot of their food and the local food economy could provide most everything else. Subsidized, chemical-laden, ultra-processed "food" shipped from across the country and around the world is the new norm. And the last couple of years have made everyone aware of supply line disruptions and their effects.
Can these problems be fixed? Of course! The solution is actually fairly obvious. This is why gardening has exploded in popularity as more and more people are realizing the predicament we're in and they're trying to grow their own food security. But a lot of wisdom was lost over the last several decades with the industrialization of food - knowledge and wisdom that used to get passed down from generation to generation. People now turn to the internet (with all of its contradictory information) for answers, but gardening is different in every location because of different conditions such as soil and microclimates.
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This is a big part of the reason I started Resilient Agriscaping. All of our services are customized for each unique landscape, anywhere in the world. Would you like to avoid wasting time, money, and other resources on trees, plants, and herbs only to have them quickly die? One of the biggest secrets is that plants often don’t reach their full potential because they aren’t placed in the most optimal microclimates. Microclimates can extend your growing season, provide the right shade for sensitive plants, and even protect your new plants from wind and frost. They can also expand your range of edible possibilities by two USDA growing zones each way (eg. if you're in Zone 8, you can expand to Zones 6 through 10).

An Initial Productivity Assessment and Consultation can help jump start your successful, elegant, edible landscape. I can create a color-coded heat map of your yard's microclimates, identify prime growing locations, and create a color-coded planting chart highlighting where your favorite edible plants will produce best in your yard. I’ll evaluate how much space you’ll need to dedicate to edibles to feed your family, how many mouths you could feed with the true productivity potential of your property, including a rainwater and gray water assessment, and more.

If you're more into do-it-yourself, the Agriscaping Mastery Program teaches you how to create and easily maintain your own elegant, edible landscape at your home so you can have your yard look beautiful, and eat it too! In the program, you'll learn simple steps for better-than-organic gardening success. You’ll learn how to master 36 skills, get access to numerous electives such as Composting Mastery, Pruning For Production, Productive Pets & Aquaponics, and more. It also comes with access to garden planning software that includes, among other things, one-click planting, care, and harvest information for all your favorite edible plants along with the best companion plants for each one. 

Combine those two opportunities and you'll know what to plant, where to plant it, when to plant it, how to care for it and harvest it, and be able to grow your own food indoors or outdoors, full sun or full shade, scaled to any zip code, have a beautiful landscape that can pay for itself (if you want it to), and be so easy to maintain that a kid can do it! But maybe you'd rather have some guidance developing your ultimate, elegant, edible landscape or might like parts of it done for you (eg. a professional design is essential for rapid success). We have another program (with limited space) where I support you as a coach and can help facilitate other services - all to help you achieve your goals. Professional help all starts with an Initial Productivity Assessment and Consultation.

Want to learn more before jumping in? Visit the links above or attend one of my upcoming free classes or webinars:
Let’s grow the local food economy and local food security! Would you like to make money off of your yard? Would you like to grow a garden without it looking like a garden? We have reinvented landscaping! Learn how you can have elegant, edible landscaping and earn money while you do. Join our free webinar by signing up today.
Is your summer garden set up for success and designed to survive the heat? Many gardeners try to extend their spring harvest, give up on their summer garden, or take a couple of months off to plan their fall garden. By following simple steps for summer gardening success, you can have a lush summer harvest, regardless of whether or not your spring garden was successful.
Chickens are often called the homestead “gateway animal” because they’re so easy to care for and they can provide eggs and meat. But they can also do work for you such as pest control, make compost, spread mulch, build soil and more. Backyard chickens can be managed to dramatically reduce the amount of processed feed you have to buy while creating healthy, happy, fit birds. Learn more by attending our free live webinar.
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