Was T.Rex Just a Big Chicken?

Now that I raise chickens I hear this all the time: "Chickens are little dinosaurs!" Really? It never ceases to amaze me how many tall tales evolutionists invent and propagate. But because they captured government schools and other influential institutions so long ago, they are able to get away with it. Most Americans were taught the theory of evolution when they were impressionable children and never thought a lot more about it.

The theory of evolution is always evolving and evolutionists can't even agree among themselves whether Tyrannosaurus rex was a big chicken, but they do now generally believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense, kind of like nothing exploding and creating everything (ie. the big bang theory)!? Really though, dinosaurs do look kind of like birds. Well, maybe just in artwork.
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Dinosaurs are reptiles and there are some pretty big discrepancies between them and birds. Differences in multiple bodily systems pose some serious problems for the fantasy that one turned into the other. One big example is cold blooded vs warm blooded. Another is scales (which are all one piece of skin) vs feathers (that grow out of something like hair follicles). Their feet have the same number of digits, but different ones are prominent and stunted or missing. Their lungs have complex differences. 

The list could go on, but this doesn't stop evolutionists from using deceptive wording and artwork to create misleading impressions in your mind. For more information, see Did Dinosaurs Turn into Birds? from Answers in Genesis.

Over a Century of Fraud

The most infamous example of evolutionist fraud that even they admit is the Piltdown Man hoax of 1912. More recently, the Archaeoraptor story - later dubbed the "Piltdown Chicken" - was published by National Geographic in 1999 in spite of warnings that it might have been a forgery. They couldn't resist the opportunity to publish the missing link - sensational headlines sell a lot of magazines. 

At a fossil fair in Tucson, Arizona, someone paid a Chinese dealer $80,000 for a fossil that was a bird with a dinosaur tail. Amazing! Until it was discovered that the fossils from two different animals were craftily glued together. Sorry, the missing link is still missing. National Geographic published a correction the following year. Do you think that was a cover story? 

Evolutionists are so desperate to validate their faith that they accept and promote outright frauds - often even after they have been shown to be such! There are numerous examples of blatant deceptions since Charles Darwin published Origin of Species in 1859. They get printed in textbooks and trumpeted by the secular humanist media, museums, universities and other schools, government institutions, and other organizations. And then even after they have been disproven - after making false impressions in millions of minds - they are quietly and gradually replaced in textbooks and other propaganda outlets. Meanwhile, misled masses keep repeating the lies because they never learned the truth.

Evolutionists Don’t Have a Missing Link Problem

Evolutionists have a quadrillion missing link problems! This seems like such a no-brainer if people would just think about it. But reality has been obfuscated. 

What's a missing link? The idea is that for one kind of critter to evolve into another - which is supposedly where all the different kinds of critters came from - the two different critters would have gone through numerous transitional changes over time. I'm trying to keep this simple. So in the example above, a reptile didn't just lay an egg one day and hatch a bird. That's not how life works.

Let's use conservative numbers and say there were only 10 transitional forms between each of all the critters ever known to have existed. An artsy person could probably draw 10 transitional forms between a dinosaur and a chicken. Since trillions of fossils have been found, we should have an abundance of fossils of these transitional forms. There should be at least 10 times as many fossils of transitional forms as there are of distinct kinds of critters. But they're missing from the fossil record.

Many claim some missing links have been found. It is accurate to say many missing links have been promoted as such so it is understandable that many people have this impression. But the reality is far different. How many missing links have been found that are proven to be transitional forms? None. It's all based on conjecture or outright fraud, as these articles describe:
I was taught evolution in school as you may have been. Unfortunately, they don't also teach critical thinking skills. If you want the truth, you typically have to do some research. I like to know what the expert critics of an idea have to say about it. It's even better to listen to them debate, especially if you're familiar with logical fallacies so you can spot audience manipulation techniques. If you believe there are one or more missing links, look up what creation scientists have to say about it rather than just believing the propagandists (eg. search: Neanderthal Man creation science).

There are lots of options for rigorously-researched media, museums, textbooks and curricula, private institutions, and other organizations where you can find credible resources for learning creation science. We've visited numerous creation science museums in states all across the country, from Washington to Florida. 
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