Healthy Building

Healthy Building: Is It Possible?

As we traveled the country on our year-long sabbatical one of the things we paid close attention to was building options. I also spent months researching to find the best options for Sabbatical Ranch. We loved experiencing the thermal mass properties of adobe-style structures which are popular in the arid southwest. Desert temperatures drop significantly …

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Hands-on Learning: Superadobe/Hyperadobe October Volunteer/Workshop (Free)

How valuable would it be to know how to build your own shelter with the earth beneath your feet? Imagine:
* Relaxing, natural earth finish
* Passive solar heating/cooling
* Mold, sound, and pest resistant
* Non-toxic and EMF shield
* Fireproof
* Bulletproof
* Flood-proof
* Tornado-proof
* Earthquake-proof

Here’s your chance to experience how simple it is! We’re hosting a free volunteer/workshop during the month of October where you will be able to experience the …